Ecora Cotton Yoga Mats

Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats are a revolutionary return of the ancient ways of practicing yoga. As you know the old yogis had none of our modern yoga mats, made from plastic and other toxic materials. They used what Mother Nature was giving them and practiced yoga on wooden floors or on cotton rugs. Modern Eco awareness is forcing the manufacturers to seek green alternatives to the common toxic products. Therefore, yogis start to return to the old, long forgotten ways and in their search for healthy and Eco yoga mats that are safe both for their bodies and the environment.

Encore Wellness are among the companies that found the perfect green solution for the yoga mats. Their products are made from 100% organic cotton that is beneficial for the body and is one of the oldest known to the mankind plants, used for the making of cloth. At you can find a number of useful articles about the qualities of the cotton mat and its connection with the yoga’s past. Visit Cotton Yoga Mats and discover the world of the natural cotton yoga mat.

The soft cotton, of which the mats are made, grows in the green fields of India and is collected, processed and woven by hand. India’s soil, the land of the ancient yogis, is perfect for the cultivation of cotton and the preservation of its natural energy. The 100% organic cotton used for the mat of Ecora Wellness comes from plants that are not genetically modified and has grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals. No fertilizers or pesticides were use during the cultivation of the organic cotton of Ecora Wellness mats.

At you will find a large collection of cotton yoga mats that can also be used as rugs in your homes. Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mats come in a number of colors all of which are natural and connected to the universe. You are given the opportunity to choose the hue that best suits your body and spirit and buy it at a very reasonable price. The cotton mats of Ecora Wellness are dyed with natural dyes that complete the circle and make from those mats the perfect green product for your home. It is not necessary for you to be an Eco activist in order to desire to live a healthy and long life. Yoga’s philosophy taught us to seek the union between our spirit and the world around us, something that will not be possible if we continue to use harmful and toxic products that slowly are destroying the environment.

Visit and make the first step towards a green life, by buying your new cotton yoga mat. Learn more about yoga and its path that leads towards purity of mind and body, and union with the universe. Find your own way to save the world you live in, and make it safer for your children. Ecora Wellness Cotton Yoga Mat may be just a small drop in the enormous ocean, but it is surely a step in the right direction.

Finding the workout that is right for you

After you have decided to do something about that flabby tummy sticking out under your shirt or blouse, you find that there is such a wide array of exercise programs available. There are gyms and fitness clubs, some with memberships that cost the sky while most are affordable to a degree for most people. What happens if you do not continue with the membership? Are you able to get out of the membership? Is there a penalty? Do you lose some of the membership fees you have already paid but you have never even used the gym? A host of questions that can be tedious at times.

An alternative to going to a physical gym is to check out some online courses or exercise programs. You may be able to find out how to get those abs you have been dreaming about online when you do a search. Some of them come complete with video demonstrations and instructions such as The online versions of the courses you may find in gyms and fitness clubs are available anytime you are able to watch them. Contrast this with the opening hours of the gyms or fitness clubs. If you are working late in the office or you have to go for a cousin’s wedding on your regular gym day, you will have to miss your workout for that day or week. With workout courses made available online, you can watch them, follow them and repeat them as many times as you want. Furthermore, you do not have to pay the online trainers for their tips and guidance.

Another source of exercise programs outside the gyms are DVDs or videos which you could buy or rent at a fee. They too offer you training tips and guidance on different type of exercises from aerobics to body building. There is now a wide selection of exercises as well as trainers for you to choose from. Like the online courses, you can view them anytime in the comfort of your home or anywhere you may be. You could repeat certain segments that you missed or those that you find a bit difficult to follow and hence you need to review them several times. In the gym, there is no way you can ask the trainer to do that in front of so many other people who want to get on with the next set of exercises.

There is another difference between going to the gyms and doing it at home with fitness DVDs or online videos. You do not get feedback from the trainer. For example, in the gym, when the trainer sees that you have a problem with a certain step or procedure because you did not follow the instructions correctly, the trainer is able to tell that to you so that you can adjust your exercise. With the home videos or online ones, the trainer is unable to see whether you are following his routine correctly or not. This is the drawback of working out at home without the physical presence of a trainer.